About Plutonian Press

About Plutonian Press

Plutonian Press is a small press devoted to the best in horror and all its various subgenres. Founded in 2017 by Scott Dwyer. In 2017 Plutonian Press released its first anthology, Phantasm/Chimera. Phantasm/Chimera featured the best in nightmarish horror. In 2019 Plutonian Press released its second anthology on the unsuspecting public, Pluto In Furs. Pluto In Furs features tales of erotic horror and strange desires. And in 2020 Plutonian Press released its first single-author collection, Carrion Men, featuring the best horror fiction of Jeffrey Thomas. The stories in Carrion Men are by turns bleak, surreal, and obsessive. Jeffrey Thomas is a master of horror fiction and a great pick to start our line of single-author collections. Plutonian Press is dedicated to the art of bookmaking, we may be a small press, but we try to make the most stunning books on the market. And we have very high standards on the quality of the fiction we publish. Each book is made to be an artistic statement on its own. We avoid trends and fads. We make books that we hope people fifty years from now will still be reading. Plutonian Press focuses on the more intense shades of weird horror. The strange, the weird, the perverse, the nebulous, all have a home here at Plutonian Press. This is a press run by a self-proclaimed horror obsessive, and I think if you love horror, you will love our work! 

"Overall this volume is ripe with enough phantasms and chimeras to induce pleasantly strange and troubling dreams." - Rue Morgue Magazine

"Phantasm/Chimera is an essential read for anyone interested in the current state of weird fiction." - William Tea at Gingernutsofhorror.com

Lost in Strange Shadow: An Appreciation of Nightmare Horror - Scott Dwyer
The Wind, The Dust - Adam Golaski
Provisions for a Journey - Matthew Bartlett 
The Bruised Veil - Christopher Slatsky
The Last of Liquid Sleep - Thana Niveau
The Hole - Brian Evenson
The Hotel Pelagornis, 1899 - Livia Llewellyn 
Binding - Mike Allen
The Great, Grey Bulk - Jon Padgett
Chrysalis - John Claude Smith
Fiending Apophenia - Clint Smith
The Last American Lion Pelt - Jason A. Wyckoff

An Abysmal Masochism ( An Introduction ) - by Scott Dwyer
The Tangible Universe - by Jeffrey Thomas
The Wolf at the Door or The Music of Antonio Soler - by Devora Gray
Other Yseut and Romance Tristan - by Adam Golaski
Dermatology, Eschatology - by Kurt Fawver 
Headsman’s Trust: A Murder Ballad - by Richard Gavin
It’s Hard to be Me - by John Claude Smith
The Gutter at the Bottom of the World - by David Peak
Tender is the Tether - by Rhys Hughes
With Shining Gifts That Took All Eyes - by Mike Allen
Stygian Chambers - by Orrin Grey
Behemoth - by Clint Smith
Worm Moon - by Gemma Files
The Silvering - by Thana Niveau 
Walking in Ash - by Brendan Vidito 

The Tangible Universe 
The Prothesis
The Crying Boy
Scorpion Face
Last Cup of Sorrow
Door 7
A Subtle Invasiveness by Joshua Dinges 


  1. How does Plutonian Press go about acquiring material for your anthologies? Do you announce that you are accepting submissions? Do you have a mailing list?